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Provider Services 

eDocs offers services through process innovation and complying with the global quality standards. Our aim is to maximize client’s profits, reduce expenses and gain a competitive edge. We are specialized in providing Revenue Cycle Management and provide an array of outsourcing solutions to Medical Providers, Billing Companies and Hospitals.

Revenue Cycle Management Workflow


AR Services

Follow up with Carriers for Outstanding Claims

  • We run ageing reports to categorize [Oldest to Latest & Highest to Lowest] outstanding claims and follow-up with carriers
  • We help improve revenue realization
  • We reduce DSOs

We maintain target of 45-50 days for DSOs.Follow up with Patients

  • We follow up with the Patients for outstanding payments
  • We help improve revenue realization
  • We help in timely recovery of payments

Timely follow-up with patients helps reduce bad debts and maintain better customer relations.

Denial Management

Denial Analysis & Follow up:

  • We conduct thorough analysis of every denied claim, make the necessary corrections, and follow-up to convert it into a clean claim
  • We help improved revenue realization
  • We help introduce preventive measures for future billing
We maintain a turnaround time of 48/96 hrs for denials.

Billing Services

Coding of Medical Charts

  • Our Medical Coding Team ensures correct Procedure & Diagnosis Codes that are identified from CPT and ICD-9CM manuals on the principle of “Code as per the documented information”
  • Selection of appropriate codes helps our customers to get paid accurately for services delivered
  • It also avoids the possibilities of under-coding or over-coding of reports which may further lead to loss of revenues

Training at regular intervals helps our Coders improve their skills, which in turn benefits our customer.

Charge Capture

  • We capture the charges accurately through a team of experienced professionals
  • We help our customers to submit clean claims
  • We reduce the lead time of claim submission
  • We reduce claim denials due to incorrect details

We maintain a turnaround time of 24/48 hrs for capturing charges.

Claim Generation & Submission

  • We process electronic & paper claims
  • We generate claims within permissible filing limits
  • We reduce delays in claim submission

We maintain a 5-day turnaround time for claim submission.

Medical Billing & RCM



  • Comprehensive executive, technical and process management experience in healthcare services
  • An end-to-end solution-based consulting approach
  • Information Security Management System in compliance with ISO-27001 standards, which provide complete protection to Customer Data
  • Service offerings cover billing, collections, appeals, claims processing and related processing services
  • Total Quality Approach for every process ensures excellent governance of each process
  • Reduction in turnaround time by leveraging time zone differences. Additional benefits from process re-design and productivity improvements
  • Resources with a blend of healthcare domain knowledge, flair for customer service and an understanding of downstream and upstream activities ensure smoothness of customer service process

How eDocs BPO delivers value

  • Improves revenue generation through efficient systems and processes
  • Helps providers focus on core healthcare service delivery by allowing them to outsource administrative and back office functions
  • Information Security Management System in compliance with ISO-27001 standards, which provide complete protection to Customer Data
  • Helps providers derive benefits of new technology and infrastructure without fresh investments
  • State-of-the-art systems enhance job performance, resulting in higher service levels

Patient Services


Appointment Scheduling

  • We help our customers schedule their appointment according to the mutual convenience of Physician and Patient
  • We assist our customers in migrating to electronic scheduling for effective scheduling
  • This helps us to manage Physicians’ as well as Patient’s time effectively

Patient Enrolment 

We capture patient’s demographic information accurately to.

  • Submit Clean Claims to various insurance carriers
  • Reduce delays in claim submission [we maintain a turnaround time of 5 days for claim submission]

Rigorous controls in the data capture process helps to ensure 100% accuracy for critical information.

Eligibility and Verification 

We verify the Insurance Eligibility and Coverage to.

  • Get paid better due to reduce denials due to terminated coverage
  • Reduce DSOs
  • Improve Customer Relations

Thus, we can minimize denials and improve collections.


Payment Services

Payment Posting
We post payments received in all forms i.e. EOBs, EFTs received from carriers, banks, credit cards and cash payments received from patients.
This helps our customers to:
  • Post payments timely to calculate revenue realization
  • Help resolve payment-related queries
We maintain turn around time of 48/96 hrs for posting payments in various forms
Payment Review :
  • We conduct Payment Reviews periodically
  • Track payment patterns
  • Check discrepancies in payments
  • Correct DSO Values
  • Facilitate payment realization at the procedural level
This analysis helps our customers introduce corrective measures to improve revenue realization by reducing payment denials.